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Nerd packing, Virginia Woolf, Facebook, & #!

A few links make a post (as the saying goes):

“Pack Like a Nerd” helps you determine how much underwear you should pack for a trip, assuming that you are planning to do laundry. Highly relevant to my own packing advice. I recently took a trip on which I packed too much clothing–a rarity for me!–and realized that I could have gotten away with one less bag if I had just been brave enough to trust that I wouldn’t spill red wine. So the reminder is well timed, especially since I’m about to pack up to go to Comic-Con.

“Virginia Woolf’s Idea of Privacy” seems to highlight exactly what appealed to me so much about Mrs. Dalloway when I was in high school. At the time I couldn’t put my finger on what it was about Clarissa’s interiority that I identified with so strongly; I thought it was about the pressures of social expectation. But really, I think, that was only half of it: the other part is that by conforming to social expectation, one is able to clear out a space in which one can be oneself, a little holy of holies (as the blog post puts it) that is truly inviolable.

“The Facepalm at the End of the Mind” is a towering rant about Facebook, written by my hubby. It summarizes my feelings about it too–except that I have a Facebook, because I have to, as part of my job.

Speaking of my hubby, his new book #! is out and you can buy it online!