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My name is Flourish Klink. I'm a writer, producer and fangirl. I've been blogging in various places since 1999, most recently at Tank Lady. I grew up in the X-Files and Harry Potter fandoms. I'm currently into Outlander, Sleepy Hollow and Elementary. I'm interested in the way that people use stories to figure out their own lives. I'm vegan. I'm Christian. I hold two black belts. I attended Reed College and MIT. I'm married to poet-programmer Nick Montfort. Some people call me Flor, Fleur, or Maddy (don't try it). I was a partner in The Alchemists Transmedia Storytelling Co., and today I'm a partner in Chaotic Good LLC, a franchise development and production company. You might know me from Lincoln, NE; Sacramento, CA; Portland, OR; Cambridge, MA; or NYC. On a normal day you can find me working and hanging out at Babycastles.

If you find it useful, you may download a hi-res photo of me.

With an almost exclusively Latin@ cast, director, writers, and creators, East Los High is an English-language Hulu original series that addresses social issues. It's focused on the experiences of teens navigating life in a fictional inner city high school in East Los Angeles. It's produced by Wise Entertainment, advised by a board including Planned Parenthood and California Latinas for Reproductive Justice.

I was a transmedia producer for the first three seasons of East Los High, which means I worked with the creators of the series, the writers room, and other producers to plan and implement the website, video extras, recipes, social media experience, and all the other content that you didn't see on your TV.

Transcendence: Origins is a prequel story-app to Transcendence, featuring Kate Mara and Xander Berkeley reprising their roles from the film. A branching narrative yoked to a puzzle game where players must decide whether to support the radically anti-technology group RIFT or support the Living Machines Lab as it strives to achieve the Singularity.

I co-produced and co-wrote this app on a remarkably compressed schedule.


What if the Harry Potter books started from a different premise? What if Lord Voldemort took over Britain? What does life look like under a repressive magical regime‚Äďand what would happen to our beloved characters in such situation? In short, what's the horrible fate that Harry saved the Wizarding World from?

I co-founded Alternity, a collaborative, transformative work of fiction based on JK Rowling's Harry Potter, featuring both regular authors and special guests. It is currently in its final of seven planned years. The goal of the project is to lovingly critique the Harry Potter series through creative transformation.

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other projects

The Hellhound of the Rockefellers
I wrote this Sleepy Hollow & Elementary crossover novella for Yuletide 2013.

“Out Of The Night”
I created this kinetic novel in Ren'Py for Yuletide 2012. It takes place in the Twin Peaks universe.

Muggle Studies
I designed, wrote and programmed this text adventure as an attempt at seriously critiquing the morality of the Harry Potter universe. Released 31 March 2012.

Ascendio 2012
I was Minister of Magic (lead organizer) for this Harry Potter fan conference, held in 2012.

“Red Room”
I wrote this choose-your-own-adventure style story in the Undum framework for Yuletide 2011. It takes place in the Twin Peaks universe.

“The Life and Death of Patroclus Son of Menoetius”
A translation of selections from Homer's Iliad. Part of the HiLobrow EPIC WINS series.

“Fred and George”
A remix of Nick Montfort's landscape poetry generator “Taroko Gorge,” with a Harry Potter incest twist.

“Laugh Out Loud In Real Life: Twilight, Women's Humor, and Fan Identity”
My master's thesis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Advisor: Henry Jenkins.

The Sonnet Project
All of Shakespeare's sonnets, read aloud on video. As far as I am aware, they are the first complete audio-visual presentation of Shakespeare's sonnets that has ever been made freely available.

I served as co-game designer, co-game master and lead writer for this pervasive game based on the novel The Count of Monte Cristo. It took place 18-24 January 2010 at MIT. For the endgame, I wrote a short story based on in-game events in less than 24 hours.

Various other fan fictions
Accessible at The Archive of Our Own. Short (and long) stories based on source texts such as Sleepy Hollow, Elementary, The Count of Monte Cristo, Miss Madelyn Mack, the Lord Peter Wimsey series, Harry Potter and The Vorkosigan Saga.

“‘I Type the Amens and Think the Rest’: An Ethnographic Look at Religion in Virtual Reality”
My undergraduate thesis at Reed College. Advisors: Ken Brashier and Steve Wasserman.

Nimbus 2003
I served as web chair for this Harry Potter fan conference.


Your best bet is email: flourish@blotts.org.

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